About Premier Sports Medicine

Premier Sports Medicine is the “first name” in athletic training and sports medicine services. Our goals are to provide the most comprehensive, high-quality service, to expand the profession of athletic training in areas currently unserved and for Premier Sports Medicine to be considered a premier athletic training outreach company.

At Premier Sports Medicine, we are passionate about making sure that athletes at all levels stay safe and healthy while participating in the sports they love. Injuries can and do occur, but there are proactive steps that can be taken to minimize risk.

When an injury does occur, an athlete's ability to bounce back often times depends on the timing and quality of care he or she receives immediately following the injury. This is why our team of experts put so much effort into reaching out to young athletes, parents and coaches in our community.

Premier Sports Medicine currently offers services in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan and New Jersey. We are available to do work all over the country and will also travel internationally.

Premier Sports Medicine is independently owned and operated by Adam M Greenfield, ATC, LAT, OTC, FMS-Cert.