When looking for a group to provide Athletic Training services for our large list of events that we host on an annual basis, we were looking for a partner that would be willing to work with us on developing a process that streamlined the athletic training services for the players at our event. In working with Premier Sports Medicine, I feel like we have found that partner. Working with Adam and the staff at Premier Sports Medicine has been great, being able to fully trust Adam and his staff has helped with making the events the best.

Adam and his staff have provided athletic training services for our small and large tournaments, and the feedback that we have gotten from the families at the events have been very positive. Adam and his staff have also done a great job of following up with not only our staff but the injured players and their families post event. This has also been another piece of positive feedback that we have gotten from the participants families. Premier Sports Medicine has also assisted us with our Cobb County Classic Series, NCAA Lacrosse Games, where the company was the local athletic training services for the collegiate teams during their visit to Atlanta.

As we continue to develop new events and aspects of our company we look forward to continuing to develop and grow our relationship with Premier Sports Medicine.

Christopher Meegan
Events Manager | LB3 Lacrosse

The Wellington Soccer Club has known Adam Greenfield for over five years and have found Adam and Premier Sports Medicine to be honest, reliable, and extremely professional in providing top notch athletic trainers for premier soccer events in Wellington both at the State and Local level.

Adam as President of Premier Sports Medicine has partnered with Wellington Soccer Club in providing talented and professional athletic trainers who are extremely qualified in sports medicine and injuries. Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) has recognized the high level of service and professionalism that Adam’s team provides in working FYSA State Cup Tournaments in Wellington. Athletic trainers provided by Premier Sports Medicine have been complimented on their excellent service provided to soccer players from ages 9 through 18.

Wellington Soccer Club, Inc. would highly recommend Adam Greenfield and Premier Sports Medicine for athletic trainer services.

Peter J. Lillo
Wellington Soccer Club Administrator

Adam is one of the hardest working individuals I have ever had the pleasure of being around.  His knowledge and dependability makes him prepared for anything. I couldn't have asked for a better person and/or head athletic trainer while I was in Atlanta!

Joseph Nasco
Professional Goalkeeper
2012-2013, Atlanta Silverbacks (NASL)
2014, Colorado Rapids (MLS)

As the Head Athletic Trainer at Lynn University, I have been using Premier Sports Medicine to help serve my Athletic Training needs for the last 5 years. In those 5 years it has been nothing but a joy to work with Adam Greenfield and Premier Sports Medicine to help with my staffing needs. As a fellow Athletic Trainer, Adam Greenfield knows the exact needs we have in filling vacancies when we are short staffed or when we host large events and are in need of extra ATCs.  When using Premier Sports Medicine, I have no doubt that the Athletic Trainer that is staffing my event will be Certified, Licensed, covered by malpractice insurance, knowledgeable and most importantly, courteous to my staff and athletes. All of our coaches, athletes and administrators have always had great things to say about the ATC they were sent from Premier Sports Medicine to staff their event.  There is no other choice in my mind when it comes to hiring out for our Athletic Training and sports medicine needs; Premier Sports Medicine is the way to go!

Ryan McCrea MS, ATC, LAT
Head Athletic Trainer
Lynn University

Premier Sports Medicine has been a great partner for Chiefs FC. Their professional approach to our athletes safety, recovery and injury prevention has been outstanding. More importantly it's their care and compassion for our youth that sets them apart.

Neil McNab Jr.
Chiefs FC Program Director

Adam and his team have always went above and beyond to support Soccer in the Streets. From taking care of our participants at special events to caring for our kids at our program sites, they've always been there for us. They've been especially great in dealing with our kids and understanding the variety of issues they face. They've always helped to put the kids at ease and helped advise them on the best next steps. It's a huge help to our organization to know we can count on Adam and his team!

Jason Longshore
Chief Development Officer  
Soccer in the Streets

Adam's commitment to the individual is what sets him apart from other athletic trainers. His work ethic and knowledge regarding players needs and regarding their specific sport are just a couple of the characteristics that have made him so successful.

Bobby Reiss
Professional Soccer Player
2013-2014, Atlanta Silverbacks

Adam Greenfield is the best. We came to the NAIA national soccer Tourney with no Athletic Trainer, Adam was assigned to us. We were banged up coming into the competition and if we were to win it we would have to win 4 games in 6 days. We were lucky enough to make it to the championship match, we lost 2-1 in overtime. I truly believe if it wasn't for Adam we never would have survived till Saturday. We had players with sprained ankles, knee issues and strained hamstrings. Adam's methods were top class he got players back playing quicker than I have ever seen before.  He is by far the best athletic trainer I have ever worked with.

Daniel Balaguero
Head Men's Soccer Coach 
University of Texas at Brownsville

Adam is not only a great professional with a lot of knowledge, but also someone who would go the extra mile to make sure you get the kind of treatment needed. When I tore my ACL in offseason prior to the 2013 NASL Season, I did not hesitate to contact Adam to help me through the recovery process. Once I was back in Atlanta after injuring my knee in Argentina, Adam’s work ethic and dedication followed by a step by step approach got me back on the field in exactly 6 months. He became a good friend and is my go to person every time I have questions about injuries of any kind.

Lucas Paulini
Professional Soccer Player
2011-2014, Atlanta Silverbacks (NASL)